"You were working on a tavern, and your drinks were a legend in the city. You were famous. Of course, you were secretly mixing magic cocktails, but no one actually knew that. They just knew that they couldn’t get enough. You read fortunes on the side just for fun, but always for free. 

And you were h a p p y, Freya.

Truly happy. Maybe the happiest I’ve ever known you to be. You told me you were in love. I said, “That’s nothing new.” But I realized pretty quickly that this time, it was different. You’d finally found your other half. His name was Henry. He was a musician, and you were his muse. You lived in a tiny apartment above the bar, he wrote his music, and you made your drinks.

                — And you were happy.

Signs that you might be reading a good book.

  • 1:

    No sleeping.

  • 2:

    No eating.

  • 3:

    A sudden desire to find someone like the love interest in the book.

  • 4:

    Slight drooling over certain moments.

  • 5:

    Sudden bursts of emotion.

  • 6:

    A need to share with the world just how fantastic the book is.

  • 7:

    The realization that this book WILL end, eventually. And feeling ridiculously torn.

  • 8:

    No socializing.

  • 9:

    Extreme comparisons are made between your life and the characters' lives in the book.

  • 10:

    Making irregular noises at 3 in the morning because something amazing just happened.

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